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Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Tue Sep 20 13:57:50 BST 2011

Hi Paul,

There is probably no 'best OS'. People use different OSs for different 
reasons. Individuals coming from a Windows environment wish to have a 
similar OS in Linux. They expect LibreOffice to work just as MS Word (Is 
that not an arrogant assumption? Similar applications in different OSs 
often have different approaches towards achieving the same thing with 
your data or documents). Linux is strong because it gives different 
things to individuals with different needs. For GUI-bound individuals, 
Ubuntu and derivatives (e.g. Kubuntu, Mint) have found common 
acceptance. For more technically minded persons, the above may not 
appear optimal and they would choose another Linux variant. The Linux 
community graphically showcases the degree of flexibility in using 
computers that the 'large' OSs like Windows and OS/X cannot even get 
near to. If PCLOS is best for your purpose, great. Keep your mind open 
to the broader open source community. Do not become involved in turf 
wars about what is the 'best' OS. We are all working together to make 
Linux and reliable open source software available for as many users as 
Kind regards,
willem ferguson

On 20/09/2011 14:25, Paul Verizzo wrote:
> As loyal readers here might recall, I've been playing with - no, 
> working with - various Linux distros in order to run digiKam in its 
> native OS.  (Is that loyalty, or what?  Many dozens of hours!)  I've 
> come to some finalizations, which I will summarize here:
> Oh, native OS for me is Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3, running on an 
> AMD 3800+ with 3GB (soon to be 5GB) RAM.  I have my hard drive broken 
> into two partitions, C which is the Windows, Virtual Box, and dual 
> boot Wubi OS's and supporting files, and D which is all of my data.  
> Why, I hear you ask?  A long ago experience of having data wiped in an 
> aborted Checkdisk run.  I've gotten used to this and it's very safe 
> from machine or human error.
> The problem for me, using two partitions, with Ubuntu/Wubi/Mint Linux: 
> As designed, the installer is prevented from having, or using, or 
> becoming a root user.  That means no access to the drive the Linux OS 
> is installed on, "C" or hda1 to those who insist.  That has been my 
> default database location, although my photos are on easily accessed 
> D.  For Windows users on Wubi, it appears you just can't get access to 
> your C drive without going through the annoyance of Secret 
> Instructions and Terminal.  Maybe someday when I need another 
> challenge in my life, I'll correct that.
> For Virtual Box, The Winner Is: PC Linux OS.  I tried a lot of 
> distros, maybe a dozen.  Some would not install, several I aborted 
> because I wasn't confident that it wasn't going to partition my C 
> drive, several insisted on pretending that the live CD was installed 
> after VB installation and hence, not the subsequent OS.  BZZZZZT!
> Standard KDE PCLOS went in w/o a problem (although like many other 
> distros, my screen resolution required constant sliding downward to 
> see the Forward type buttons during the installation), reboots w/o a 
> problem, and with the Guest Additions installed, sees my C and D 
> partitions without a problem.  I have found the overall look and feel 
> welcoming to this Windows user.  Not too simplistic, not too complex, 
> just right.  Nice large screens and icons. Visually robust.
> So, I've been hanging around the PCLOS community, and I guess "ease of 
> use" on a desktop is the priority of development. No server edition. 
> Also, a "When its ready" philosophy, which leads to great stability. I 
> also like the rolling distribution, just update via Synaptic now and 
> then. The independent on line magazine is stunning in its usefulness 
> and teaching.
> I like it well enough that I might re-re-partition my primary drive 
> for Linux again, or run PCLOS (What an awkward name!  Of course it's 
> an OS!) on a different hard drive.
> If you've not tried this distro and don't feel you must continue down 
> the loyalty path of whatever you are using, give it a whirl.
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