[Digikam-users] Panorama stitching tool

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Sat Sep 17 19:21:54 BST 2011

I made a few panoramas that went very well, but I have been able to 
reproduce with pictures that ar in fact not related, and I got an error 
about make before the panorama was stiched. The result was very creative 
and amusing but was in size incorrect.

Antonio, would it be possible to upload your photos somewhere to see if 
it happens here too.


Op 17-09-11 20:13, Benjamin GIRAULT schreef:
> Hi Antonio,
> 2011/9/17 Antonio Trincone<antonio.trincone at gmail.com>:
>> I used it before 2.1.1 when I was using 1.9 version of Digikam.
>> Now trying it with newer version it works well but instead of producing a
>> panorama image with real shots it seems using thumbnails only. I say this
>> 'cause the produced image is all black with in the center a small panorama
>> assembled image from images I used. So all seems working just on thumbnails.
>> Dimension of the new produced panorama is very small 200-300 kb starting
>> with 2-3 images of 10+ Mb each.
> If the image is mostly composed of black, the size will be most likely
> small if it is a jpeg. What is important is the size in term of pixels
> (what is the height and the width of the image in pixels).
> Note that a big black area does not mean necessarily that the
> thumbnails would have been used (which is would been strange). Anyway,
> I need more data about the panorama:
>   - As Rinus wrote: what kind of output did you ask? jpeg? tiff? hdr?
>   - What kind of photos were you trying to stitch? jpegs? raws?
>   - What is you version of Hugin? and was it the same before (this is important)?
> Best Regards,

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