[Digikam-users] digiKam 2.1 and database errors

Mark Fraser mfraz74+kde at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 10:11:28 BST 2011

On Saturday 10 Sep 2011 15:51:40 Rinus Bakker wrote:
> It looks like some component has not been updated, could be either yours or
> mine, omly expertized people can tell.
> Rinus

Had a look in digikamrc and found this:
[Database Settings]
Database Connectoptions=
Database Hostname=
Database Name=/home/mfraser/.kde/share/apps/digikam/
Database Name Thumbnails=/home/mfraser/.kde/share/apps/digikam/
Database Password=
Database Port=-1
Database Type=QSQLITE
Database Username=
Images Connectoptions=
Images Hostname=
Images Name=/home/mfraser/.kde/share/apps/digikam/
Images Password=
Images Port=-1
Images Type=QSQLITE
Images Username=
Internal Database Server=false
Thumbnails Connectoptions=
Thumbnails Hostname=
Thumbnails Name=/home/mfraser/.kde/share/apps/digikam/digikam4.db
Thumbnails Password=
Thumbnails Port=-1
Thumbnails Type=QSQLITE
Thumbnails Username=

So, is one of those locations for the images database and the other for 
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