[Digikam-users] On Live USB, Virtual Box

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Tue Sep 6 22:18:58 BST 2011

Le 06/09/2011 18:57, sleepless a écrit :

> I gave up completely on VM as you can see in my other message.

you should not! It's far the simpler

>>> * a VMware/virtualbox disk (vmx) ready for use in these applications,
> This is not going to work in oracle virtual box 4.1.2, running on a
> windows 7 platform running on an hp amd64 laptop
> Not possible to mount a drive, so you are stuck to your virtual drive.

* first it's a virtual disk, you just have to choose it in the virtual 
parameters when creating a new Virtual machine (when choosing a disk, 
existing disk, point to the vmdk)and you should be able to boot it. 
It's 32bit image, bootable anywhere. Did you see the files I post are 
archives, you need to extract the real file from them. Just tested, it 

> This one I have tried to make a bootable cd from

not necessary.
Choose any virtual appliance (be it windows or linux doesn't matter) 
and in the parameters select the iso as cdrom, them boot on it 
(settings, storage...) if necessary, press F12 (but usually it's not 
necessary), you boot the cd image. This I tested just now, without 

>>> * an "oem" version, right to be written on an usb stick or used as
>>> hard drive (use dd for writing)
> So I tried this one. And miraculously, I restarted the laptop and yes
> there it was, opensuse. I tried if there was a way to mount existing
> harddrives, after all they are shown in filemanager.
> But with every click on the mouse it reads from USB so that,s going to
> take sometime and in the meantime it let my video fan run so fast that
> I could have baked a good english breakfast with bacon and eggs on the
> laptop, and even though I did not, it started to smell so badly that I
> had to turn it off before it burned down.

I never had such problem with any laptop. Make sure your setup is good 
at the bios level. Anyway, no laptop should overheat when working full 

mounting the hard drive.
My images probably don't have the guest additions (my fault). You can 
probably install them (not tested), or mount your hard drive like any 
remote network disk (nfs). Installing the guest additions is not very 
easy, I will try it



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