[Digikam-users] On Live USB, Virtual Box

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Tue Sep 6 17:57:18 BST 2011

Hi Jdd,

Op 02-09-11 20:50, sleepless schreef:
> Great job, Thanks!
> I will try it out AND report back.
Well the time has come.
I gave up completely on VM as you can see in my other message.

> Best regards,
> Rinus
> Op 02-09-11 19:11, jdd schreef:
>> I verified that digikam is *not* present on standard opensuse live
>> cd/dvd
>> so I used suse studio to build appliances for us.
>> I build kde4 with digikam, gimp and some other programms. You can
>> find them on susestudio but easier here:
>> http://dodin.org/~jdd/opensuse/
>> instruction on howto write them here:
>> http://en.opensuse.org/Live_USB_stick#Install_ImageWriter
>> be warned that this was not tested. It's a half an hour work...
>> You will find:

>> * a VMware/virtualbox disk (vmx) ready for use in these applications,
This is not going to work in oracle virtual box 4.1.2, running on a 
windows 7 platform running on an hp amd64 laptop
Not possible to mount a drive, so you are stuck to your virtual drive.
>> *  an "iso" that should be written to an usb flash disk or used as
>> live cd
This one I have tried to make a bootable cd from, following all the 
procedures from Ubuntu as well as from windows but no luck. Apperently I 
should have used the other image.
>> * an "oem" version, right to be written on an usb stick or used as
>> hard drive (use dd for writing)
So I tried this one. And miraculously, I restarted the laptop and yes 
there it was, opensuse. I tried if there was a way to mount existing 
harddrives, after all they are shown in filemanager.
But with every click on the mouse it reads from USB so that,s going to 
take sometime and in the meantime it let my video fan run so fast that I 
could have baked a good english breakfast with bacon and eggs on the 
laptop, and even though I did not, it started to smell so badly that I 
had to turn it off before it burned down.

My conclusion:
It may work, if you know what you are doing, and you realy need it to 
have that way but it looks to me far from an ideal setup.

Thanks to jdd who made the experiments possible by sharing this images 
and although it is not usefull to me it is might be a great service to 
others if jdd keeps it sharing,


>> All this should give a working openSUSE version.
>> of course no photos are on the support. DigiKam is standard openSUSE
>> version 1.8, I can load the compiled version, but this is much more
>> work and wont be done soon
>> I build 32 bits appliances to make them usable anywhere.
>> virtual machines are build for 512Mo ram, not much, but you can
>> change this easily
>> any report welcome :-)
>> jdd
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