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sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Mon Sep 5 11:53:41 BST 2011

Hi Colin,

If I understand your problem correct I think this will work.

method 1:

Create some directory ¨photo¨ (ex) wherever you want to have al your 
pictures in a directory structure.
add this dir to digikam: Settings>Configure DigiKam>Collections>Local 
If you want so, do make subdirs
No drag your folders from within digikam albumview to your new structure.
If done delete your old collections.

Now you have a collection only containing your folders with media on it 
and maintain your tags etc.

Your media has moved to different locations, if you do not want that you 
can choose to do

method 2:
tools->write metadata to picture
start all over again by adding only the folders containing media to your 
album->read metadata to pictures (I think you have to do that album by 
Note:  a) I This sulution will not work if you have raw pictures in your 
            b) I consider this methode as potentially unsafe.

If both methods do not suit your needs, the only way I can think of is 
heavy manupilation of the db.
Seems very dagerous to me.

Please, be so kind to report your findings back.


Op 05-09-11 11:36, Dr Colin Lloyd schreef:
> Hi,
> 1st post to this list:
> Currently my whole "Home" directory on Mandriva 2010 Linux is scanned and
> stored within the "Settings>Configure DigiKam>Collections>Local Collections" as
> Col .0
> This was an oversight when I began to use Digikam - and of course collects all
> images in every folder within my home directory.
> It would be more efficient and faster if I could just include in the Local
> Collections those folders that contained my photos, videos, etc.
> BUT - I don't want to delete the Collection "Col. 0" and recreate - if it
> means all my tags etc disappeared with the Collection.
> So - can I delete Col.0 and recreate a more focused Collection - or is there a
> way to remove folders from the collection?
> Thought about creating a new collection and checking that before deleting
> Col.0 - but DigiKam will not let me create a new Collection, say, of just my
> Photos Folder as this is already within the Col.0 Collection.
> Colin
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