[Digikam-users] Local Collections Options

Dr Colin Lloyd colin at environmetrics.co.uk
Mon Sep 5 10:36:51 BST 2011


1st post to this list:
Currently my whole "Home" directory on Mandriva 2010 Linux is scanned and 
stored within the "Settings>Configure DigiKam>Collections>Local Collections" as 
Col .0
This was an oversight when I began to use Digikam - and of course collects all 
images in every folder within my home directory.
It would be more efficient and faster if I could just include in the Local 
Collections those folders that contained my photos, videos, etc.
BUT - I don't want to delete the Collection "Col. 0" and recreate - if it 
means all my tags etc disappeared with the Collection.
So - can I delete Col.0 and recreate a more focused Collection - or is there a 
way to remove folders from the collection?
Thought about creating a new collection and checking that before deleting 
Col.0 - but DigiKam will not let me create a new Collection, say, of just my 
Photos Folder as this is already within the Col.0 Collection.


Dr Colin R. Lloyd
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