[Digikam-users] Do you want to try digiKam on LiveUSB

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri Sep 2 08:52:10 BST 2011

Le 02/09/2011 09:18, sleepless a écrit :

> jdd brougt this forward:
> /*
> you can build it on susestudio
> http://susestudio.com/#login
> */
> After a lot of clicking and searching I can neither see nor believe
> this will ever turn out as a liveUSB with digiKam on it. If someone
> manages to do so in a simple way, I would like to hear about.

susestudio is a web siter/appliance that allows anybody to create an 
openSUSE fitted to he's needs.

you start from a basic install (or less basic), choose what you want 
to add and the appliance build for you either a live cd/dvd, a live 
usb stick, a VirtualBox virtual disk and more.

You can then share your result (or not), test it online, download it...

I already used it, it works great.

of course it needs some learning, but it's not really difficult 
(choice is made in drop down lists)

you can login with any openID account. You have then immediate access 
to the gallery part:


where are available all the already done appliances

this one include digikam:

notice that as far as I know, the live kde openSUSE include digikam...

and it's an hybrid image, that is you can copy it to an usb key



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