[Digikam-users] Do you want to try digiKam on LiveUSB

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Fri Sep 2 08:18:46 BST 2011

Hi readers,

Yesterday I gave it the try to guide people in this situation:
Do you want to try digiKam and/or showFoto on Ubuntu but you are running 
Windows have a look at this.
Supposed you are not planning to change to Linux, or to make a dual boot 
system, you can have a virtual Ubuntu running digikam on your computer.

Marie-Noëlle came up with this statement:
You don't even need to install a virtual box. I explained how I had used 
Digikam with a simple LiveUSB; in fact, you can bring your Digikam 
everywhere with you and run it on any PC.

As I do not like to advice to do something more complicated than 
necessary I digged in to this ¨simple¨ solution, only to find out, at 
the cost of a couple hours,  that this is realy not a simple matter.

As making a liveUSB is pritty simple, making a liveUSB running digikam 
means you will have to make a customized liveUSB which seems not at all 
to be simple.

First I came across this promising site:
Here I was advised to add some software source and consequently install 
This action broke my system, and further searching learned that this was 
not an exception to me.

then I came across this:
It looks like you have to go through this 20 page tutorial:
or if you prefer French
you must be despered in need of this to go trough that.

jdd brougt this forward:
you can build it on susestudio

After a lot of clicking and searching I can neither see nor believe this 
will ever turn out as a liveUSB with digiKam on it. If someone manages 
to do so in a simple way, I would like to hear about.

Marie-Noelle stated that digikam probably will run smoother than from 
VirtualBox, and this was confirmed by Vlado.

I would prefer to explore and discuss this matter here, so we can bring 
the tread it came from back to focus.


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