[Digikam-users] switching ubuntu to fedora

Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 15:22:49 BST 2011

Yes, it is different, but not so much you can't switch easily from one to
the other.
Additionally, Fedora's versions are more frequent than Ubuntu's, and
software upgrades can often be obtained from "testing" repositories.
Though, at the moment, only Digikam 1.9 can run with Fedora 15 ... because
of the KDE version, I think; but Fedora 16 is announced for pretty soon, the
beginning of November, I think.

As for myself, I switched from Ubuntu to Fedora more than a year ago, and I
have not regretted it once. I don't know about the english forum; but the
french one is very dynamic and helpful.


2011/10/28 Larry <blackravener at gmail.com>

> I'm not Fedora user, but I'm sure fedora has different package manager from
> Ubuntu, so installing applications and handling repositories is going the
> main difference. The rest of the things should be pretty much the same.

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