[Digikam-users] Google Maps API

Lutz Epperlein l.epperlein at gmx.net
Fri Oct 28 12:52:58 BST 2011

Am 28.10.2011 12:17, schrieb Den:
>That's what was posted on Twitter:
> />>> Google Maps API is still free! Just has a limit of 25k maps/day.
> That means pricing only affects the top 0.35% sites! <<</

Hmm, it would be interesting, what is the base of this approximation?

> Especially since they define one map
> load as follows:

Here is the "official" defintion:

> single map load occurs when: 
> the Maps JavaScript API (V2 or V3) is loaded by a web page or application;
> a SWF that loads the Maps API for Flash is loaded by a web page or application; or
> a single request is made for a map image from the Static Maps API.
> a single request is made for a panorama image from the Street View Image API.

Found on <http://code.google.com/apis/maps/faq.html#tos_mapload>
And you can find there the interesting declaration if you consistently
exceed the limits, you will be contacted by a sales manager to discuss
licensing options. I'm rather not interested in such discussions,
especially if I use digikam only.


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