[Digikam-users] Import images and clearing tags

Dmitri Popov dmpop9mm at yahoo.com
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You can use exiftool to remove specific metadata in photos. The trick is to know what metadata fields to clear. You can use gThumb og Geeqie to view metadata and locate the entries containing tags you want to remove. For example, some tags are stored in the Tags List field of XMP metadata. To clear this field, switch to the directory containing photos, and run the following command:

exiftool -xmp:TagsList= *.jpg

Another solution is to use digiKam. Select the photo you want and choose Image -> Metadata -> Edit All Metadata. Switch to the IPTC -> Keywords section and remove the existing tags. Do the same in the XMP -> Keywords section. I haven't tried this techniques myself, so I don't know whether it actually works.

Hope this helps.


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from time to time it happens that I import pictures from others which
have already Tags assigned.

Is there a way o import these pictures and clear the Tags on that pictures?

If this images are just copied, than I get the Tags from the other which
does not really fit to my Tag-Hierarchy.


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