[Digikam-users] Problem with new hard disk containing existing images

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Wed Oct 12 14:09:39 BST 2011

I think the main point here is some way which the non-technical user 
will be happy with to locate the collections and one which will not confuse.

The user will expect to navigate to his/her collection via a path and 
will expect that path always to contain the collection. So it is fine to 
use the UUID as a reference to determine that something has changed but 
in my view it is imperative that IF something changes the user is 
immediately asked to confirm whether or not to use a new path. This did 
not happen in my case it simply opened the database and used the UUID to 
find the original collection which was still mounted but in a different 
place and updated the location in the database with the new path.

Action like this is in my view totally unacceptable, if any change is 
detected (and it is right that it is) then the user must be immediately 
asked to confirm the change and if not wanted then to be able to select 
the correct location by path.

In my case if this had been the case then I would not have had to start 
this thread.


On 11/10/11 21:11, Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
>> I agree there's no perfect solution for all cases.
> This is the point.
> As you already found out, digikam supports mount paths as well and uses them
> as fallback if no UUID is available. Additional form can be added in the
> future (for the SQLite case and the hard drives you mentioned, one could think
> about a "relative to location of database" identifier). We definitely need
> better identifiers for network storage, we may need alternate identifiers to
> make things work cross-platform.
> So we assume that the collection is located by some identifier, and that the
> files are available, as you say, by some file path. At runtime, we resolve the
> identifier to the current file path of the location. The path can also change
> at runtime (plug in a removable device) and is never written to the database.
> Marcel
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