[Digikam-users] Problem with new hard disk containing existing images

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Mon Oct 10 21:36:08 BST 2011

Some facts need to be mentioned in this thread:

1) Mount path does not work for removable devices, and fails completely cross-
platform. UUID works for any directly accessible hard drive, and cross-
platform if the non-Linux backends are properly implemented. It fails for 
network shares, no good solution here as of yet.

2) No mount path is stored in the database, that means nothing is changed in 
the database when you move your partition's mount path. Changing the 
collection entry still does not change any image entries (changing the 
"relative path" between the mount point and the immediate directory will 
trigger a rescan though)

3) There is a heuristic which will detect when a hard-wired hard-disk was 
moved. At that moment, it will still ask for confirmation to change a 
collection's UUID. That means a plug-in replacement of a harddisk should be 
handled. If not, any bug reports or suggestions to improve detection of this 
situation are welcome

4) Even in the worst case - digikam thinks all old files are gone and all 
available files are new - there should be an almost complete recovery by 
recognizing identical files


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