[Digikam-users] Tips on workflow with Android GPS app and Digikam geodata?

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Mon Oct 10 17:55:14 BST 2011

Op 10-10-11 18:45, Anders Lund schreef:
> On Mandag den 10. oktober 2011, Willem Ferguson wrote:
>> Philip,
>> Google MyTacks saves track and waypoint data in comma delimited or in
>> KML format, ready for Google Earth. The challenge is pairing photographs
>> with individual waypoints. In MyTracks you can name and describe
>> waypoints, so if you use the image ID on your Nikon when you name each
>> waypoint you should be ok??? Mytracks is not optimal, but it is quite
>> workable?? There are several KML to GPX converters around to create
>> output that DK can understand?? (e.g
>> http://www.gps-data-team.com/convert.php). I must immediately add that I
>> have not yet followed the whole route from MyTracks to DK, mostly
>> because I am waiting for the next Ubuntu LTS so that I can upgrade KDE
>> and hence DK.
>> Kind regards,
>> Willem
>> On 10/10/2011 17:40, sleepless wrote:
>>> Thanks Larry and Dmitri for the tips, I will try and see.
>>> Btw Google maps can do it: 16 km around a choosen location with a
>>> maximun of 10 saves. Useless!
>>> Rinus
>>> Op 10-10-11 17:04, sleepless schreef:
>>>> Hi Dmitri,
>>>> Thank for the respons.
>>>> What I realy would like if the maps could be used offline. Do you
>>>> know if OpenStreetMap can do so. Mapdroid can but is there a tracker
>>>> associated with?
>>>> Best,
>>>> Rinus
>>>> Op 10-10-11 16:57, Dmitri Popov schreef:
>>>>> Open GPS Tracker is smaller and it uses OpenStreetMap instead of
>>>>> Google Maps. But, you can use whatever GPS logger/tracker app you
>>>>> like as long as it supports the GPX format.
>>>>> Best,
>>>>> Dmitri
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>>>>> Op 07-07-11 16:02, Dmitri Popov schreef:
>>>>>> Please forgive my shameless plug, but can this be of help?
>>>>>> http://scribblesandsnaps.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/geotag-photos-with-o
>>>>>> pen-gps-tracker-and-digikam/
>>>>>> Best,
>>>>>> Dmitri
>>>>> Is there any advantage over using mytracks ?
>>>>> Rinus
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>>>>>> Subject: [Digikam-users] Tips on workflow with Android GPS app and
>>>>>> Digikam geodata?
>>>>>> Hi all
>>>>>> Just wondering if someone have come up with a good easy workflow or
>>>>>> solution on how to use the GPS in an Android smartphone to store
>>>>>> geolocation data and then export and merge data with pictures taken
>>>>>> with a SLR (Nikon in my case) on location so I can have that meta data
>>>>>> with them in Digikam? I don't have or think that I want to buy a GPS
>>>>>> gadget for my Nikon but thought that it might be some easy, handy and
>>>>>> clever way to use my Android GPS with my SLR.
>>>>>> One way is to export locations one by one from some map/gps app but
>>>>>> that is rather cumbersome. Would be nice if there were a special app
>>>>>> or some way to do this in a batch way.
>>>>>> Anyone have any thoughts on this?
> You can use gpsbabel to convert kml or text files to GPX, which digikam can
> use to automatically geotag your images. Just make sure to adjust if your
> camera time is not in sync with sattelite time, but there is a gui for that in
> digikam.
> You can download gpsbabel from www.gpsbabel.org, on linux use the gebabbel
> frontend if you want to avoid typing shell commands.
> Happy geotagging :)
You realy don´t need anything else. Mytracks and dk is all you need. See 
my other mail.

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