[Digikam-users] Problem with new hard disk containing existing images

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Sun Oct 9 18:26:02 BST 2011

Op 09-10-11 19:10, Stuart T Rogers schreef:
> Rinus I do see in some ways what you are saying but quite honestly 
> since the disk is mounted at the same mount point within my user space 
> as the old one I expected Digikam to just read the new one, find the 
> database and the read the collections but it has actually read the new 
> copy of the database and then updated all the collections to point to 
> the old hard disk mount point which I do not believe should be correct 
> operation.
> So now I have the new copy of the database pointing to all the old 
> copies of the photographs.
> I expected it to read whatever the hard disk is mounted at that 
> original mount point and get on with it, not to do what it has done 
> and effectively corrupt the database with wrong pointers. It really 
> should not care which hard disk is mounted but simply read the one 
> which is.
> This makes it very difficult to upgrade a hard disk to a larger one 
> and makes far more work then should be necessary.
> Stuart
> On 09/10/11 17:50, sleepless wrote:
>> Hi Stuart T,
>> If your new harddisk has the same name as the old one (let´s say
>> ¨photo¨, one is mounted as ¨photo¨ and the other as ¨photo_¨, you can
>> see that in /media if that is your mountpoint. So maybe digikam did the
>> right thing, it depends on which one is mounted first. If only the new
>> drive has been mounted, digikam starts saying that it found the
>> collection but that the disk id has changed, and it can and will read
>> your new drive.
>> regards,
>> Rinus
>> Op 09-10-11 18:09, Stuart T Rogers schreef:
>>> I am currently using Digikam 1.9 and today I installed a new hard disk
>>> for all my photos. I copied everything over outside of Digikam and
>>> then remounted the new hard disk in the same place as the old one was
>>> which contained the collections. The database was copied to the new
>>> hard disk as well. 

Maybe just a weird and useless idea but if I understood correctly dk has 
changed the new copy of your db, hence it should be possible to start 
all over again with the old db...
>>> Just for the time being I also mounted the old hard
>>> disk at a new mount point so I could copy over anything I'd forgotten.
>>> On starting Digikam it promptly used the old hard disk at the new
>>> mount point without being told. I dont understand why since the new
>>> disk is mounted where the old one was. I use a complete hard disk for
>>> photos by the way which is an ntfs partition as it is shared with a
>>> dual boot XP install.
>>> Surely Digikam should have gone to the new hard disk in the original
>>> mount point!
>>> Stuart
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