[Digikam-users] Digikam and the KDE

Karl Günter Wünsch kgw at mineralien-verkauf.de
Sun Oct 9 14:05:48 BST 2011

On Sunday 09 October 2011, Anders Lund wrote:
> Difficult/new things are hard to achieve. 
There is nothing new about Akonadi or Nepomuk - but they are getting further 
and further away from ever becoming stable and usable for the average user.  
The more programs use these the less stable they become and the more resources 
are wasted on a database server (or two) just to support features almost 
nobody beyond the developers sees any sense in.
> Not being able to use that lattest 
> kdepim myself, I look forward to doing that, as much as I enjoy the evolving 
> benefits of nepomuk. I agree that there is still work to be done before it 
> works, but the promises makes it worth while :)
It's going the direction of mandatory bloat - and all it promises to me only 
is even more bloat and data insecurity.
> Already you do not need very much 
> in order to build kde applications, and digikam does not require anything 
> what it uses.	
I would like an option to have digikam not to include face detection (pure 
bloat, useless for 100% of my or my wife's pictures) and have it not use 
either Nepomuk or Akonadi - those two I have never had any positive experience 
yet, only the need to delete corrupted databases because another software 
trashed the structure or the database server was unhappy about an update (or 
lack of update)...
> If you do not want to go through the trouble of building the software on 
> own but still want to stay up to date, use a system/distro that does ;)
Akonadi and Nepomuk are IMHO broken by design - I want to be able to separate 
the information which is important to me (for example data from digikam) from 
data which is totally unimportant (some odd cache which can easily be 
regenerated) which is practically impossible with those two components... The 
worst offender isn't digikam, it's kmail 2 there the brokenness of the design 
extends to losing emails while downloading them from pop3 servers as the new 
data flow first downloads the email into the transient database cache and from 
that writes the message to the disk - when there is the slightest glitch in 
this chain the mail is trapped in the database (which eventually get's wiped 
out because of the ever recurring problems with the databases) and lost.
So I would dearly love a digikam without any (even build time) dependency on 
either Nepomuk or Akonadi - not just an option to not use them, I want to 
totally disable Nepomuk or Akonadi on my system. So next time I get around to 
tinker with my system I will delete all programs which are dependent on these 
two components and whatever is gone is gone and I will look for 
Karl Günter

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