[Digikam-users] Re : Choose another ICC profile for converting pictures

Paulux nvlplx at yahoo.fr
Fri Oct 7 20:17:40 BST 2011

>> It's a matter of a single line of code to add output profiles to the

>> combo box as well. Question to the expertise assembled in this list:
>> Should we do it?
>I vote for it.
>I addition to the editor, it might make sense to have this function
>also part of the "export" plugins - some may have ProPhoto/AdobeRGB
>as default workspace and sending images out to other users/web/whatever
>in these wide gamut spaces is usually not a good idea. Though, it might
>be more then a single line of code then :-)

That would be perfect !!! And will be a better way to process than the one I purposed. 

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