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sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Fri Oct 7 13:50:08 BST 2011

Thank you Remco and Martin for your detailed and to the point responses. 
It has been all very informative.
I had a dream but my final conclusion is that I am doomed to share my 
life with windows.

Once again I have to pray:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.
(from Niehburh I think)

Best regards,

Op 07-10-11 13:19, Martin (KDE) schreef:
> Am 07.10.2011 13:06, schrieb Remco Viëtor:
>> On Friday 07 October 2011 11:59:19 sleepless wrote:
>>> Hi Remco,
>>> Could you explain this to me this:
>>> If I print from native Windows 7, or from windows XP in Virtualbox on
>>> Linux or from Ubuntu, and in all setups choose the same colorspaces, and
>>> the same paper and no corrections or whatever I get tree different prints.
>>> The only decent prints I get without heavy color adjustments on the
>>> source is in my windows 7 setup, (exactly there where I not want to be)
>>> with native canon printerdriver.
>>> I lost sofar about 50 A4´s testing for a good result on Ubuntu wit
>>> Turboprint.
>>> Is this the proof that different  software interpreted color profiles in
>>> there own way, and thus the faillure of colormangement?
> Remco was faster than me, so just my small additions.
>> First, I don't print at home, the few I need are better done by a local
>> shop....
I need to be in control because of to many disappointments and no refunds.
>> And no, I don't think the colour profile is interpreted differently (as the
>> profile only says 'for color (A,B,C) use colour (A+a,B+b, C+c)' )
>> That said, there's a number of factors influencing colour reproduction on an
>> inkjet printer: paper type, inks used, amount of ink used, etc. As with a
>> screen, if you change any of these factors, you'll have to adapt your profile.
>> And I bet Ubuntu doesn't use the same driver as windows (so amount of ink used
>> per dot can very well change). The problem here is that you might not apply
>> any corrections, but the drivers will have to send certain settings to the
>> printer. If these differ between drivers, you're out of luck.
yes so it is
>> Or you have to start profiling your printer/paper combination, which requires
>> a different spectrophotometer than for screen profiling (and those aren't the
>> cheapest either).
>> Final solution:
>> Have a profile made to order:
>>   - download a test image (colour patches of known hues)
>>   - pick the settings and paper you want to use,
>>   - print the test image,
>>   - send  it to the provider of the test image, who will create the profile and
>> send it to you (against payment...). Have a look in Google ;)
>> Once again, such a profile is valid for ONE printer/paper combination, with
>> ONE set of driver settings. Change anything, and you'll have to get another
>> profile... (same as for screen: change any setting there and you'll have to
>> reprofile)
> Or maybe a so called poor man profiling:
> http://www.argyllcms.com/doc/Scenarios.html#PP1
looks realy complicated to me.
> here especial the part where reading the test chart is done with a
> camera or a scanner.
> But Attention: This is in no way perfect. But If you own a good scanner
> it will be better than using no profile at all.
> I for my part don't print photos at home (as Remco didn't). To me the
> quality and efford is not worth the money. Choose a shop which supports
> colour profiles (local or net). I use fotocommunity-prints (Germany) and
> am happy with the results. They profile their machines every day.
>>> BTW In Ubuntu systemwide color mangement does not work at all here, no
>>> matter which profile I choose, the colors on the monitor never change.
> I don't use internal tools for this. I use argyls tools and they work great.
Argyll tools is new to me, but you mean you have equipment at home to do 
> Regards
> Martin
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