[Digikam-users] Any interests in Digikam 2.0 packages and digikam PPA?

Philip Johnsson philip.johnsson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 21:28:32 BST 2011

In about 1-2 hours from I'm writing this digikam 2.2.0 will be able on
my PPA for Ubuntu 11.04 (natty). With this release I have adapted my
packages to the official digikam 2.1.1 package naming that is
introduced with Ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric). This mean that you have to
install the digikam and kipi-plugins package instead for the
transitional digikam2 and kipi-plugins2 that I used before on my PPA.

With the renaming of the packages I had to resolve conflicts between
the old and the new packages but hopefully your package manager will
uninstall the old digikam2 and kipi-plugins2 packages for you when you
try to install the new digikam package. It would be great to get
feedback on how this update goes. It should work flawlessly.

Other things that is different with my packages then the Ubuntu 11.10
packages is that on my PPA Digikam is built against and use OpenCV
2.3.1 instead of OpenCV 2.1, Exiv2 0.22 instead of 0.22.1 and my build
also use libgphoto2 2.4.11.

If you use Ubuntu 11.04 with standard KDE 4.6.2 then you only need my
"extra" PPA. If you use (K)ubuntu 11.04 with KDE 4.7.1 from the
Kubuntu teams PPA then you must use both my "extra" PPA and my
"kubuntu-backports" PPA.

Happy digikaming!


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