[Digikam-users] Database lost

Paul Verizzo paulv at paulv.net
Sat Oct 1 13:32:16 BST 2011

Three words to live by in the digital age:

1.  Backup!
2.  Backup!
3.  Backup!

There is no such thing as too many backups!  I used to do the old usual 
second disk thing using DOS-like XXCOPY.EXE. using it's clone function.  
Then I kept a third disk in my Jeep, updating as I remembered.  Why?  
Once you have a house fire you get very paranoid about irreplaceable 
losses.  So, one on-site backup, one off-site.

I no longer do the Jeep backup, although when I travel I do take an 
entire, freshly backed up hard drive with me, usually.  For the last 
three  years I've used Carbonite, $55/yr, which automatically backs up 
selected folders or files................like my digiKam database!   
While Carbonite may well have all my data stored, if I ever needed to 
recover everything, it would take several weeks, probably, to do so, 
even with high speed internet.  Having my own hard drive would speed 
that up.

This is a topic that I repeatedly preach about, both to friends and in 
my classes.  Having had a large box of important family photos ALMOST  
become ash in that fire - all those singed prints and slides are a great 
prop in my classes - as the Beatles sang, "I'm a believer........"

OK, I'm stepping off of my soapbox.


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