[Digikam-users] Digikam memory usage

Alberto Ferrante alberto.ferrante at tiscali.it
Tue Nov 15 18:03:14 GMT 2011

Dear Gilles,

> yes, i can import 4000 image from my external HDD. No crash here. Both on
> my desktop (8Gb) and my laptop (3Gb). I can follow memory allocation
> without to see any memory leak.


> So i suspect something wrong into an external dependency of digiKam, as
> libraw (if you import RAW file), or libexiv2 to read metadata and fill DB.

I also suspect there is something wrong on Fedora with Digikam. There is
also a problem with MySQL (Digikam cannot create tables in the DB... I
had to create the DB by using Digikam in a virtual machine with Ubuntu,
export the DB and import it in my installation of MySQL). I opened a bug
on the Fedora bug tracking system (as it seems a distribution-related
problem) for that, but I had no replies so far.
In any case, I had the same problems when using SQLite (and this is one
of the reasons why I tried to move to MySQL).

> To you import only JPEG, or RAW, or RAW+JPEG ?

I import only JPEG images, no RAW and no TIFF.

Best regards,

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