[Digikam-users] missing comfort

guenter guenter.k at arcor.de
Fri Nov 11 18:13:38 GMT 2011

Am 10.11.2011 23:45, schrieb AT Ege:
> Hi there,
>> Can you choose the wheel for zooming in the dialog for custom
>> shortcuts? Just an idea.
> just checked myself, no, you can't. At least plain scroll wheel, didn't
> check for key-wheel combination as already there.
>>>> 2. the 1:1 Button should be on top
>>> On top of what ? If you want you can add the 100% zoom button in the top
>>> toolbar, this way it still visible in fullscreen mode (this is not
>>> the case
>>> otherwise).
>> Next to the arrow buttons for going to next/previous photo and for
>> turning
>> photos. Look at EOG's (Eye of Gnome) design please.
>> Yes, the button is lost in fullscreen too, another issue. There is no way
>> to move the button so far.
> You can move the button, if you right click on the task bar -->
> configure taskbar (Werkzeugleiste einrichten in German). Then you can
> add buttons,

Thanks a lot!

And for finding the Region Of Interest there is this arrow-cross in the 
lowest right corner: Clicking and holding the mouse button pressed one 
can move around the ROI easily. A feature I found late... :-)

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