[Digikam-users] missing comfort

AT Ege andreas.ege at mymail.ch
Thu Nov 10 22:45:20 GMT 2011

Hi there,

> Can you choose the wheel for zooming in the dialog for custom shortcuts? Just an idea.
just checked myself, no, you can't. At least plain scroll wheel, didn't 
check for key-wheel combination as already there.

>>> 2. the 1:1 Button should be on top
>> On top of what ? If you want you can add the 100% zoom button in the top
>> toolbar, this way it still visible in fullscreen mode (this is not the case
>> otherwise).
> Next to the arrow buttons for going to next/previous photo and for turning
> photos. Look at EOG's (Eye of Gnome) design please.
> Yes, the button is lost in fullscreen too, another issue. There is no way
> to move the button so far.
You can move the button, if you right click on the task bar --> 
configure taskbar (Werkzeugleiste einrichten in German). Then you can 
add buttons, like the arrows and 1:1 button from the left side 
(available actions/ verf├╝gbare Aktionen) to the right (displayed 
actions/ angezeigte Aktionen), and you can choose where you want to 
place the button in relation to the others by dragging it up and down 
the list. At least on digikam 2.3.0 with linux.
Translations of the menu names to English might be wrong, but should be 
similar, digikam is running in German on my system.

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