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Ok, didn't know that , this is I guess one of first mailing lists I have been on and as you says it priority is Linux based . I do use gimp an few other open source apps but they have forums , more popular apps .

you are right, most of projects i am on are yahoo or group based so you can configure any way you like (email notification or not) .
the only main advantage a mailing list has IMO is it is offline reading if you want and can save it .

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2011/11/11 Ed Kiefer <ed_kiefer at hotmail.com>

I was surprised when I first starting using DK that there was not a forum, for such a feature rich app .
Me as window user ...

That's something I realised some time ago when I "left"  Windows for Linux: mailing-lists seem to be less and less frequent outside the Linux world.

Last time I wanted to create one (for a small group of friends, I didn't want a forum) there were no other solution than using Yahoo Groups, that I have been using for a decade. All the other mailing-lists that I know are more or less related to Linux projects and hosted by Linux organisations.


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