[Digikam-users] Old mails

Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Fri Nov 11 12:00:16 GMT 2011

The matter is when you have multiple email accounts, if you don't post  
with one which is subscribed to the list, the KDE list put it in queue...

It happens to me sometime, and in most of the case, I repost with the  
right account, may be it's why you remember having reading some of these  
old messages.

The good thing is, recently I do the mistake again (I use Opera with multi  
account, and didn't notice I not use the right account), but I received a  
mail to alert me and offer me to avoid this mail...

as you have two emails adress one with spheniscid.net and an other with  
mymail.ch, may some of your message was not post directly in the list ?

Le Thu, 10 Nov 2011 23:53:08 +0100, AT Ege <andreas.ege at mymail.ch> a écrit:

> Hi there,
> I didn't consider it annoying, I was just surprised and that's why I  
> asked for information. I think trashing the detritus queue-side is not a  
> good idea, as the moderator probably doesn't know whether you actually  
> recieved the mail (?). Guessing here, though. At least you'd expect only  
> mails in the queue that didn't get sent to the list, though I think this  
> wasn't the case here, as I definetely remember having read some of those  
> old mails before.

Nicolas Boulesteix
Photographe chasseur de lueurs

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