[Digikam-users] Old mails

AT Ege andreas.ege at mymail.ch
Thu Nov 10 22:53:08 GMT 2011

Hi there,

> They were a considerable annoyance to deal with, and a waste of time for
> the users of this list. I notice in your brief explanation quoted above
> that you don't see any need for an apology for that, nor did you even
> comment on it until directly questioned.
> When it happens again, is there a chance that you would be able to trash
> the detritus locally, all at once, instead of letting everyone do that
> on his own copy?
as I gather from another thread, which I just found (guess it got 'lost' 
in the bunch of mail suddenly flooding my iphone, overview on a proper 
computer just is better ;-) ), it was something that needed to be done 
quickly, or the list would have been a goner:
> Based on the previous lack of response to my email, I have determined
> these two mailing lists (digikam-devel and digikam-users) to be
> inactive.
> As such, they will be deleted unless no objections are raised inside
> the next 48 hours.
> Regards,
> Ben Cooksley
> KDE Sysadmin

I didn't consider it annoying, I was just surprised and that's why I 
asked for information. I think trashing the detritus queue-side is not a 
good idea, as the moderator probably doesn't know whether you actually 
recieved the mail (?). Guessing here, though. At least you'd expect only 
mails in the queue that didn't get sent to the list, though I think this 
wasn't the case here, as I definetely remember having read some of those 
old mails before.

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