[Digikam-users] [Digikam-devel] List moderation

todd rme toddrme2178 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 07:38:56 GMT 2011

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 8:09 AM, Martin (KDE) <kde at fahrendorf.de> wrote:
> Am 10.11.2011 21:36, schrieb Marie-Noƫlle Augendre:
>> I've been using a lot of forums for years, and find mailing-lists belong
>> to the previous era: it's either you receive everything or nothing
>> (excluding the daily digest that is "unreadable").
>> But it is, of course, only my own opinion and usage.
> In the end you need both. Some things are easier with Mails (I can
> create a task out of a mail by one click, off-line reading) Some things
> are better done in a forum (graphical stuff at least).
> So I hope the mailing list will continue to work.

I agree.  Having both is probably a good idea.

Most other major non-SC KDE software has their own sub-forum on the
official KDE forums.  This includes koffice, calligra (separate
sub-forums for each), amarok, k3b, kaffeine, kmymoney, scrooge, and
tellico.  Digikam is the only major exception that I can think of.

Amarok's  sub-forum has its own structure with its own topic and
language-specific sub-sub-forums (these, and all posts, were migrated
from Amarok's old dedicated forum).  So you wouldn't need to set up
your own software or your own website, you would just need to talk to
the forum admins about adding the necessary sub-forum.


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