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Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Fri Nov 11 07:09:30 GMT 2011

Am 10.11.2011 21:36, schrieb Marie-Noëlle Augendre:
> 2011/11/10 Martin (KDE) <kde at fahrendorf.de <mailto:kde at fahrendorf.de>>
>     I agree that there may be a little benefit especially for photo based
>     stuff. But for me there are more disadvantages.
>     regards
>     Martin
> Among the many benefits I appreciate:
>  - classify the threads in different categories, thus rending browsing
> and searching much more efficient

Yes, as I already said, for photo stuff a forum may have advantages in
some cases. The category stuff is one of them.

>  - subscribe to the only threads or forums you're interested in, by
> notification or RSS feed

This is one thing I never got. I have to read a RSS feed (or mail) and
click to a webpage to get the information I want. Why not bringing the
information in the feed/mail directly? This is the same with some of the
modern social things (so you get a mail stating that you have a new
information in your thread).

>  - easy referencing to other threads, so you don't have to repeat the
> same thing many times

That's true a benefit.

>  - discussions are well referenced by Google and the like, so anyone can
> be lead to an answer even if he/she is not a member.

This is done with mailing lists as well.

> I've been using a lot of forums for years, and find mailing-lists belong
> to the previous era: it's either you receive everything or nothing
> (excluding the daily digest that is "unreadable").
> But it is, of course, only my own opinion and usage.

In the end you need both. Some things are easier with Mails (I can
create a task out of a mail by one click, off-line reading) Some things
are better done in a forum (graphical stuff at least).

So I hope the mailing list will continue to work.


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