[Digikam-users] [Digikam-devel] List moderation

Francesco Riosa francesco at pnpitalia.it
Thu Nov 10 11:35:54 GMT 2011

For the moment I've flushed the queue, that's why many old messages 
reached the list.
I've also banned some spammers, like a phone provider :-/

I'm not even subscribed to the users list, so if anyone of the mentioned 
persons want to jump in the boat contact me or Gilles, we will send you 
what's needed.

- Francesco R.

On 11/10/11 12:26, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> I agree with Sveinn with a non developer guy can moderate mailing list.
> developer are already very busy to manage code and bugzilla. No need to
> overload developer with something not relevant of source code.
> This job can be easily assign to non developer.
> Thanks in advance for your help...
> Gilles Caulier
> 2011/11/10 Sveinn í Felli <sveinki at nett.is <mailto:sveinki at nett.is>>
>     Þann fim 10.nóv 2011 10:18, skrifaði Ben Cooksley:
>     ----
>         All that is needed is for a contributor to step up to perform
>         the very
>         small but crucial role of moderating the list. From a brief look
>         myself, there is legitimate messages that have never seen the
>         list as
>         they are stuck in moderation for both lists.
>         Any volunteers?

>     I'd be honored to do it - but there are sometimes fairly long
>     periods when I don't have access to the internet, or even things
>     like electricity etc.
>     This is mostly during June-August but can also happen in March-April.
>     Maybe I can suggest Rinus, Marie Noelle, Jonas Norlander or Jim
>     Junk; they seem quite active on the lists.

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