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Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Thu Nov 10 09:50:57 GMT 2011

Le Thu, 10 Nov 2011 09:44:58 +0100, Uwe Mintermann  
<uwe.mintermann at googlemail.com> a ├ęcrit:

> Hello,
> I really like Digikam for organizing (especially tagging) my photos. But
> somehow I always prefer EOG when I control new photos and watch old  
> photos.
> Here are some suggestions:
> 1. when you click on the "Zoom to 100%" button it should focus on the
> middle on the photo and NOT on the upper left corner. Usually there is
> nothing in the upper left corner.

There's some clouds, most of the time... ;>)))

Seriously, it's not a big affair for me, you can quickly scroll to the  
center, in an other way you can use the wheel zoom (with ctrl as I just  
discover) : it zooms where your mouse pointer is !

> 2. the 1:1 Button should be on top

On top of what ? If you want you can add the 100% zoom button in the top  
toolbar, this way it still visible in fullscreen mode (this is not the  
case otherwise).

> 3. there should be an extra button to go back to fitted mode

Why put two button when it already go back to fitted mode when you click  
one more time on the "100% zoom" button ? May be it could be renamed, but  
the important is it do it.

> 3. the scroll wheel of the mouse should let you zoom

It's a point of view... May be in combination with ctrl... but just wheel  
to zoom doesn't seem to be the best for me.

--- oops I just discover, by making the test, it's already what happens  
when you use ctrl+wheel ---
> 4. all buttons on the top should be bigger and more dominant

Which buttons ? said like that it's difficult to understand what should be  
bigger. Are they the buttons to go next/previous Rotate and the others ?

> Look at EOG for details.
> Alternatively there could be a way that double click on a photo starts  
> EOG.
> Thanks for reading.

Your welcome...

Nicolas Boulesteix
Photographe chasseur de lueurs

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