[Digikam-users] Speedup Cleanup your digikam instructions

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Fri Nov 4 16:44:44 GMT 2011

Hi list,
I had to do this job anyway, so why not share with all.

To check your database´s integrety you need to install the command line 
utillity ¨sqlite3¨ first if it is not already done.
¨sudo apt-get install sqlite3¨ worked perfectly well for me.

Make copies of your digikam4.db and and thumbnails-digikam.db

Go in console to the directory containing your db

copy and drop this entire line beneath inclusive the single quote sign:
sqlite3 -line digikam4.db 'pragma integrity_check;'

and hopefully you get the result:
integrity_check = ok

If you want to speedup/cleanup
Close any running digiKam program
go in to your digiKam base directory and backup your digikam4.db file.
 From command line run the following :
sqlite3 -line digikam4.db 'vacuum;'
and if done
sqlite3 -line thumbnail-digikam.db 'vacuum;'
In the meanwhile you can have a cup of coffee, or two, or maybe three.

And finaly do an integrety check on both db´s
If they are ok everything should run smooth now.

I just did it myself to make sure that everything is as should.
My digikam4.db went to half of it´s size and thumbnails-digikam.db 
remained as before.
digiKam became much more responsive.

All credits go to Jean-François Rabasse, who teached me in this matter.

Good luck,

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