[Digikam-users] Re: Digikam support Nikon D3100

John Bestevaar Josephus at people.net.au
Tue Feb 1 05:23:11 CET 2011

Between us newbies , no idea if its a DK bug or not.
If i were to guess i would say that the "Unmount " command ( mouse click 
)  closes the camera PTP interface and unmasks the camera interface for 
the USB mass storage format of the card. Reminds me of the image 
transfer selection option  between PTP and USB mass storage on some 
cameras "Setup"menu. My Nikon D3100 does not have this option as the 
user is supposed to use the Nikon transfer software that comes on a CD 
with the camera but is usable only for Windows and Apple computers.

Cheers JohnB

On 01/02/11 12:31, Hevï Guy wrote:
> Woo hoo! A Linux neophyte such as me is able to help solve a dK 
> problem. Great for my ego!
> On Tue, 2011-02-01 at 11:18 +1000, John Bestevaar wrote:
>> Hi Hevii
>> Even more fantastic! Simpler and it works!
>> Your solution saves the risk of damage to the card from multiple 
>> removals and reinsertions in the camera and external USB card reader.
>> I must admit however that "Unmounting" a device in order to get it to 
>> work with an application is counterintuitive when normal working 
>> calls for first " Mounting" the device.
> Yeah, this is a bit bizarre, isn't it. Is it a bug? 

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