[Digikam-users] Changing external harddrive

moabi2000 moabi2000 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 16:57:58 BST 2011


I have  lot of images on external harddrives. I'd like to use digikam
for tagging etc. I wonder what the 'best practice' is for ensuring I
won't lose images and metadata in case a drive fails?

Ie, as I understand it, digikam uses a 'unique ID' (the drive serial
number?) to identify each external drive. Each collection on this
drive is therefore associated with this unique ID. If the drive fails,
I can copy the photos from a backup onto a new one. However, this new
drive will have a new unique ID - how can I ensure that digikam
updates the location of the collection?

A similar situation would arise if I want to move a collection from
the current drive to a new one.

Can't find anything about this in the manual or on userbase. (I do
write metadata to files wherever possible, but not sure if this is

Thanks for your help

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