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Hi there,

> Without dredging up point/counterpoint of the recent posts - which I
> never intended when I asked, simply, "How do repositories get updated?"
> - it's obvious that many of you are living in the past or on legend
> about Windows issues. My XP SP3 is rock solid. OK, most of the time. A
Lucky you. My XP wasn't that solid, though certainly better then 95, 98 
or 2000. Can't tell much about 7, hardly ever using it besides for the 
odd game. Actually, most of my Win problems stopped when I moved on to 
linux, and stopped running betas on Win. ;-)

> hissy fit once in awhile. With Windows 7 and maybe Vista the infamous
> ntloader issue is moot, it self-corrects. The horrors of running an
> anti-virus are history, the Microsoft programs are free and completely
Two objections: a) I would never run a windows without anti-viral 
software, and b) microsoft software might be financially free (which 
they aren't, the price is hidden in the hardware, if you assemble your 
own computer, you still have to buy, besides thinks like IE), but not 
freedom free. What's been done with digikam, wouldn't be possible with 
microsoft software, because the code is not free.

> security matters are, well, automatic. Most users will never, ever need
> to use a Command Prompt.
Actually, I think most linux users wouldn't have to use console. But 
there are so many usefull console tools, that to ignore the console is 
ignoring a powerfull tool. When I started with linux so many years back, 
I so was not keen to use a console and type in all those weird commands. 
Now, I do so many things preferably on the console, I would sadly miss 
it if it were gone. And especially if I have to debug something that's 
not working on my wifes windows laptop. Allthough I have to confess, 
with Win 7 I see a lot less problems.

> Hey, I don't care if one is a Baptist, a Catholic, an Apple kisser, or a
> genuflector to the Torvald altar, or what. Just don't present emotion
> and reaction as ration.
I hope that was more ration then emotion. ;-)
Hope I made a convincing convertion attempt. :-))

> Each to their own. Religious freedom is assured, at least here in America.
> We now return to our Linux programming............
> Paul
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