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tsssss, hush hush
Op 30-08-11 16:08, Paul Verizzo schreef:
> As a life long student of spiritual matters, and a holder of a Masters 
> of Theological Studies, I'm amused by non-religious "religions."  The 
> ways are so similar:
> A - Assurance of salvation/freedom/a better life.
> B - Belief!  Just believe, ignore the obvious and inevitable 
> contradictions and cognitive dissonances.
> C - Convert.  Go get 'em!
> And, boy do I ever see this with non-Windows users!  Outside of 
> Redmond, I doubt if many Windows users are as passionate as those 
> preferring OS X and Linux.  Certainly not much conversion attempting 
> since Windows is the dominant system.
> Without dredging up point/counterpoint of the recent posts - which I 
> never intended when I asked, simply, "How do repositories get 
> updated?" - it's obvious that many of you are living in the past or on 
> legend about Windows issues.  My XP SP3 is rock solid.  OK, most of 
> the time.  A hissy fit once in awhile.  With Windows 7 and maybe Vista 
> the infamous ntloader issue is moot, it self-corrects.  The horrors of 
> running an anti-virus are history, the Microsoft programs are free and 
> completely unobtrusive.  Finally.  And with Windows Update, OS 
> improvements and security matters are, well, automatic.  Most users 
> will never, ever need to use a Command Prompt.
> Hey, I don't care if one is a Baptist, a Catholic, an Apple kisser, or 
> a genuflector to the Torvald altar, or what.  Just don't present 
> emotion and reaction as ration.
> Each to their own.  Religious freedom is assured, at least here in 
> America.
> We now return to our Linux programming............
> Paul
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