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Not sure entirely how they get updated, other than updated when someone creates a new package.

I'm on Arch Linux and that is at Digikam 2.0, although I'll warn you it's NOT a eassy install (compared to say Ubuntu, or PCLinuxOS or...)

- James Duerr

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Subject: [Digikam-users] Generic Linux question

Why is it that the Linux repositories are still at dk 1.9?  I
don't understand how this works.

Thank you Giles for compiling dk into Windows regardless of flaws.

I have spent the last several weeks trying out about ten Linux distros
in Virtual Box.  Fun, but no game changer.  In terms of ease of setup
and use, coming from Windows, I found Linux Mint 11 the best.  Linux
Mint Debian lagging and more difficult to set up the "disk."  PC Linux
OS medium good.  Could not believe how bad Kubuntu was, how clunky! 
Still no luck with the new method of installing Guest Additions to work

Closing, the question is about how Linux apps are updated......


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