[Digikam-users] lost a lot of information about photo rating!!!

Rei Shinozuka shino at panix.com
Sat Aug 27 16:24:52 BST 2011

In a related way, my single complaint with Digikam is that I've lost 
tags several times in the past couple of years, namely every time i've 
upgraded or changed disks.  Digikam recognizes that the UUID has changed 
and all my tags are gone.  The images (RAW & jpg) and folders and such 
are all there, which is the  most important thing--but any user data is 
gone.   I won't use tags any more until I have a better understanding of 
how to transfer tags across disk changes/replacements/upgrades.  I'd 
rather it never looked at UUID, which I think of as a machine pointer, 
as opposed to a handle with deliberate semantics (path or mountpoint).



On 08/27/2011 09:51 AM, Samuel Ronayette wrote:
> Hello
> I wanted to save the informations about my photos in digikam, especially the
> rating I give to my favorite photos (1 to 5 stars), because I had bad
> experience before (lost partly theses ratings)
> I went to Tool -->  migrate database (sorry if its approximate translation - I
> use digikam in french). Th computer did many things for some time. Then I had
> to rebuild all the thumbnails.. then I lopst completely the rating I give to
> every single photo in each of my albums..... !!!!! This is absolutely not what
> I wanted to do!!! I can I retrieve everything?
> And is giving a rating to my favorite photos the good way to manage and sort
> them? or is there another way to do?
> other related question:
> How can I save properly this kind of information? (information about which
> photos are my favorite photos, the rating I give to each)
> And can this information be shared with other program, like gwenview?
> Thanks for your help.
> Samuel
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