[Digikam-users] Not opening in Mint problem solved

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Mon Aug 22 20:22:54 BST 2011

On 22/08/11 18:32, Sveinn í Felli wrote:
> By any chance; is your C:\ formatted as NTFS ?
> Not so sure that Linux-to-NTFS is always so seamless.
> Personally I'd put all my data on another kind of partition. It's even
> possible to let Wintendo use ext3 partition for data.
> Best regards,
> Sveinn í Felli
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I have all my photos still on an NTFS partition which is where they were 
when I used to run XP. I have it mounted within the normal /home/user 
structure in PCLinuxOS and Digikam 1.9 finds them just fine. My database 
for Digikam is also on this NTFS partition, however I do back it up 
regularly. These days it really does not matter whether it is NTFS or 
EXT3 or EXT4 etc it works. The other way round using an EXT? partition 
in Windoze does not always work.

If one decides to use Linux instead of XP then take some time to 
understand he basics, it is not difficult - just slightly different

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