[Digikam-users] Venting and asking for guidance

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Mon Aug 22 08:52:10 BST 2011

Le 22/08/2011 01:55, Ozzy a écrit :

> I don't know what I am doing wrong but using dK is not a pleasant
> experience.

you should share your problems. Anybody needs are different.

On my side I have now a high end computer, but for video editing, not 
for digikam. My old PIV one was enough.

That said, I have some problems, not really digikam related.

I do not use batch processing inside digikam, but prefere to write 
small scripts with imagemagic commands (this is not a poblem :-).

my problem are mostly synchronisation between exifs on online 
collection (web) and local collection (hard drive), I don't have this 
working yet.

else my main problem is my lazzyness :-). I now have several source 
for photos (reflex camera, compact camera (several), smartpĥone 
(several) and friends images.

When I wait too much to collect them in digiKam, I have to compare by 
hand memory card contents (kept long as backup) and digiKam content 
(where bad images are removed).

I don't see any automatic solution to this :-(



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