[Digikam-users] digiKam does not open in Mint

Paul Verizzo paulv at paulv.net
Sat Aug 20 13:21:33 BST 2011

Thanks to my infatuation with digiKam in Windows, clunky as it is, when 
I got a big new hard drive I decided to put in a Linux partition and for 
the umpteenth time since 1980, mess around with Linux.  I decided on 
Mint based on reading on pros and cons of different distros.  (BTW, I 
also played with Puppy Linux as an alternative to Knoppix for fixing 
Windows file problems.  Write back to DVD, no less!  Very impressive.)

Anyway, I installed digiKam (and a couple of other programs like Opera) 
and I cannot get it to open.  I click on the link and nothing happens.  
Not a shimmer on the screen, not a moment's pause, nothing.  Everything 
else, including Opera, works fine.  I tried uninstalling and 
reinstalling and rebooting, all to no avail. 

I realize that it is the Mint community that might have an answer, but I 
thought I'd start here with this digiKam focused, smaller community, 
because maybe it's a program installer problem and not the OS.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  digiKam is the ONLY reason I have 
spent the time and effort to test Linux again.  (I think Mint is the 
best thought out distro yet, BTW.  As I told my brother, "Really, really 
close to a good Windows substitute."  Has the open source community come 
up with an Outlook clone?  Not for email, never use that.  But the 
Contacts and Calendar is my life blood for those functions.  It is the 
only program that my Nokia phones will interface with.)

Sorry I got a bit off topic.


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