[Digikam-users] remove EXIF data from JPG in Digikam 2, KDE 4.7, OpenSuse

Rinus sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Wed Aug 17 22:58:12 BST 2011

Add your images to a batch cue, there is a tool to remove metadata.
Good luck

Michael Born <michael.born at aei.mpg.de>schreef:

>Hi Digikam experts.
>I updated my KDE to 4.7 and got a brand new Digikam 2.0.0 with it :-)
>In the older version I used before there was an option to remove EXIF 
>data in the Image menu. This is missing now :-( I just can import, 
>reread and edit the metadata but not remove it.
>I suspect that this is due to an old kipi-plugin I have. 
>Digikam->Help->components shows libkipi v1.2.0 but I find no newer 
>version in my repository.
>I'm using OpenSUSE 11.3 64bit and the official KDE4.7 repository 
>Is the "remove EXIF" option just hidden somewhere else? Do I have to 
>install new kipi-plugins manually?
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