[Digikam-users] digikam2 dependency openni-utils / philip5 PPA

manfred manfred.1980 at freenet.de
Sun Aug 14 05:09:33 BST 2011

Philip sent me rebuild debs for my processor without SSE3 support. It 
installed well. This done I had Digikam2, Showfoto2 and Kipi-plugins2 
installed using Philips PPA (extra + Kubuntu Updates). 
Everything is working well on my computer now.

> I could use some testers that have a computer with Ubuntu 11.04 and a CPU
> without SSE3 support who use my Digikam 2 packages. If so let me know and
> I'll email you rebuils of the OpenNI packages (about 700 kb) without SSE3
> support to try out before I upload them to Launchpad.

@ Hervé
maybe you get this version instelled on your friends computer as well. If it 
was the openni problem... I could mail the deb files to you (if not Philip 
is preferring to do that himself)

Many thanks to Philip for his fast reply and solution!

Kubuntu 11.4/KDE 4.7

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