[Digikam-users] digikam2 dependency openni-utils / SoUP PPA

manfred manfred.1980 at freenet.de
Fri Aug 12 04:49:41 BST 2011

@ Vlado

I tried dpkg ignoring dependencies. Like before, openni-utils and libopenni 
is installing, but not configuring. This way digikam2 doesn't install. 

@ Philip
If it's not possible to regular install openni on my computer I can not use 
Digikam2. Thats actually a regression, as before the ppa has changed to 
Version 2, the rc was installing without problems and was working fine here.
Maybe my 4 years old notebook is just to old for using the newest version of 
Digikam2 without special knowledge about installing openni.
I will try to get more informations about openni and how to install it on 
computers not supporting SSE3, I still think, thats the problem.

@ all
I suggest everybody who has a running digikam2-rc before updating:
check if openni-utils and libopenni is installing and configuring!
If so, update to Version 2 of Digikam shouldn't be a problem.
If not, dont update! The only way back is to the 1.9 version in ubuntu repos 
and this way loosing all rc-version2 improvements like in xmp sidefiles 
stored informations, face recognition and so on.
I hope very much, there will be a version 2 working on all kubuntu 11.4 
driven computers later. If there is any news, please let me know.

Any further support highly appreciated,


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