[Digikam-users] digikam2 dependency openni-utils / SoUP PPA

Vlado Plaga rechner at vlado-do.de
Thu Aug 11 12:22:10 BST 2011

Hi Manfred and everyone,

instead of the "philips" PPA I used "kubsoup", because packages there
are still built against KDE 4.6 and I did not want to upgrade my
complete KDE. I also had trouble with the openni dependency. My
temporary solution was to install individual .deb files with

# dpkg -i --ignore-depends [openni_something]

See "man dpkg" for details.

You can get the individual deb files from 
by clicking on "View package details".

It's certainly not the most elegant way, but for me it worked (after I
had recompiled the debs from source for my PPC computer).




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