[Digikam-users] face detection scanning, but no faces come up

Simon Oosthoek somlist at xs4all.nl
Tue Aug 9 19:09:02 BST 2011

On 09/08/11 16:57, Philip Johnsson wrote:
> Sounds like you have some sort of glitch with Digikam 2.0 that doesn't
> work as it should. Either with the install or your configuration
> files.
> For starters just check that the installed components are the same
> versions in both. You can easily do this from within Digikam. Go to
> the Help menu and select "Components Information". Compare them and
> see if there are any differences between the two systems you use.
They are identical.

> If they look the same the next step would be to see if Digikam really
> finds the data files for face detection.  The easy way to do this is
> to start Digikam from your favorite console/terminal by just typing
> digikam and hit enter. Digikam will start any you likely see some
> messages. Now go to the  "People" section within Digikam where you do
> the face detection scan and do a scan (you might need to select scan
> again and merge" in the drop down menu in "Scanning faces"). When you
> do this you should look in your console/terminal again and hopefully
> get a message that Digikam have found your Cascade directory. You
> should see a line like this "Cascade directory located as :
> /usr/share/kde4/apps/libkface/haarcascades" or maybe but not likely
> "Cascade directory located as : /usr/share/opencv". If you see that
> then that's good so far.

Again, this checks ok
Cascade directory located as : /usr/share/kde4/apps/libkface/haarcascades

> If both the components information are the same and it finds the
> haarcascades then the problem might be with your users digikam
> configuration files or something more arcane.
> Start with this and see what you find.
Thanks for the checks, unfortunately the situation is probably due to
some configuration file problem, because the program seems to be just fine.

I can scan albums and it appears to be working (it takes time), but no
face thumbnails are put in the Unknown folder.

In album view I can select the people+ icon and draw a rectangle around
a face and give it a tag. This is my brain doing the work of course ;-)

I tried moving digikamrc to another name and again scanning faces
resulted in no face thumbs. So the digikamrc file seems not to be the



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