[Digikam-users] Samsung EX-1

hoffi-icq hoffi-icq at gmx.de
Sat Apr 23 19:40:53 BST 2011

Dear Digikam Team,

First of all i will say thanks to you all for your great work.

I use Digikam with my Nikon and Fuji gear and it worked fine.

Now i own a Samsung EX-1 camera and have trouble with the Raw Files. 
Jpegs are handled as usual but he doesnt shows me the .SRW Files. Even 
the adding the .SRW files to the supported Picture extension section in 
the configuration Menu results in showing a ikon for it but not decoding 
them (no picture is shown).

DCraw shows the Samsung EX-1 As supported

    * Pixelink A782
    * Polaroid x530
    * Rollei d530flex
    * RoverShot 3320af
    * Samsung EX1
    * Samsung GX-1S
    * Samsung GX10
    * Samsung GX20
    * Samsung NX10
    * Samsung NX100
    * Samsung WB550

I am using:

Digikam 1.9.0
KDE 4.6 on Opensuse 11.4
DCraw 1.432-4.1

Thanks in advance for your help

Best regards,

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