[Digikam-users] Re: could dk be even better?

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Tue Apr 19 13:53:34 BST 2011


Iḿ using dk on ubuntu. Putting the slider to its utmost richt 
(saying 256) gives the result of 12 images on screen, not 4. Do I miss 
something here?


Op 19-04-11 13:42, Sveinn í Felli schreef:
> Þann þri 19.apr 2011 09:45, skrifaði sleepless:
>> Hello people,
> You don't say which version of DigiKam ;-)
>> album view and thumbnail behaviour:
>> In albumview I would prefer the possibillity to have bigger thumbs,  4
>> thumbs in the whole view area would be the ideal outline in my situation.
> This has been possible for ages in DK; just move the slider
> (bottom right) to desired size. You'll find the same kind of
> document zoom in applications like LibreOffice/OOo.
> ----------
>> I try for a while to decode the habits and culture of this community, it
>> stays a mystery sofar.
> It's relaxed and cool here - and quite responsive. Allows
> all kinds of wired ideas, but of course one is supposed to
> make a minimum of reading/searching before asking on the
> list. There are communities which are much less tolerant.
> I regard myself as open minded and not easily
>> insulted so please communicate.
> If messages/critics are constructive there's no need for
> insults...
>> Kind regards,
>> Rinus
> Best,
> Sveinn í Felli
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