[Digikam-users] could dk be even better?

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Tue Apr 19 10:45:28 BST 2011

Hello people,

It feels aquard to ask for more if you have already the best!

album view and thumbnail behaviour:
In albumview I would prefer the possibillity to have bigger thumbs,  4 
thumbs in the whole view area would be the ideal outline in my situation.

While scrolling the thumbs by clicking the slider bar, it would be nice 
if the last broken thumbs at the under line would be unbroken lined out 
at the top of the window by the next click. It can be done by resizing 
the view window, but maybe it can be done by default.

quick tagging and arrowkey behaviour:
A very handy way to tag my pictures works as follows: I click on a thumb 
to get the view window with one big picture and all the thumbs lined out 
at the top.
Now I want all the pictures showing wildlife give the tag ¨wildlife¨ 
done by pressing just the letter ¨w¨ on my keyboard (I prepared the 
shortcut). Now my righthand points to the ¨arrow right¨ key and my left 
hand to the ´w´.  This works wonderfull. But now the next session, I 
choose to filter the ¨wildlife¨ tag out by checking the tag and choosing 
¨should not have this tag¨, so I will not be confused by work already 
done. But now the arrow keys respond unexpectedly. After any applied 
tag, the first touch of whatever arrowkey will bring the highlight back 
to the first thumb on the outlined thumbs at the top, so it is no longer 
possible to tag and go on with the next picture, unless I click on the 
next picture instead of pressing the ¨arrow¨ key.

On a regular basis I come across such minor issues. I am not sure if 
this is the right place to express them, if it is worth the effort to 
express them and even not if it is appreciated to express them or that 
it is just an annoyance.

I try for a while to decode the habits and culture of this community, it 
stays a mystery sofar. I regard myself as open minded and not easily 
insulted so please communicate.

Kind regards,

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