[Digikam-users] Re: Save metadata to files not working

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Mon Oct 25 20:39:34 CEST 2010

Am Montag, 25. Oktober 2010 schrieb Ben Staude:
> Hi again,
> > I'm using digikam 1.2.0 (kubuntu lucid). I'm trying to save image
> > metadata to the image files (right sidebar -> more -> save
> > metadata to all files or Album -> save metadata to files). This
> > is not working (images on disk are left unchanged), and digikam
> > says "Digikam::CollectionScanner::scanAlbum: Folder does not
> > exist or is not readable: <path to file>" for every file. The
> > paths are correct, and the files are read-/writeable for me.
> > What's wrong here?
> While double checking the permissions again (they're definitely
> ok), I found out that - despite the warning/error message - the
> metadata *is* actually being written into the image file, but the
> files modification timestamp is not being updated (I guess this is
> not a bug, but a feature..??).

It is a feature. You can enable timestamp update in the configuration 
dialogue (metadata) and there in the first tab (Verhalten in german).

> Still confused by the warning/error message, I found out that once
> I edit/modify and save one image in the album (F4), digiKam
> somehow does/gets a filesystem update and doesn't print the
> warning/error message any more, even when metadata of another
> image in the album is changed!?
> BTW, the files timestamp is updated after modify+save in the image
> editor which, for me, is only partially consistent with the
> metadata behaviour mentioned above.

The image editor (showfoto) is different. If you hit save, the whole 
image is written to the hard disk. In main digikam only the metadata 
is updated. The image data is untouched.

> I hope I was able to describe my observations clearly enough and
> you can make sense of it (or verify it against the intended
> behaviour)?
> Ben


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